On mornings like today, when I awaken to a pile of dishes in the sink and a water heater that is all, “Feck off. It’s Sunday and I’m in no hurry,” I tend to get a little cranky. I whine. I sigh. I know I should tackle the water heater and the dishes. I should get a couple loads of laundry done. I should get after that long list of work I have on my agenda. I should finish up the bridal shower planning for my future daughter-in-law. I should stop and thank God that I’m awake and upright and on the shiny side of the grass. But, the dishes, y’all. And the water is cold, y’all. And the pile of work, y’all. Gah.

This is the point when I give up. I sit down with a cup of coffee and immerse myself in the Internet to read. If I’m going to be as useless as a bump on a pickle, I’m going to enjoy it.

I read a lot of blogs, yeah? I dig mom blogs, humor blogs, writer blogs, and a plethora of blogs written by folks who have tackled the demons that I face. It’s all about perspective, you see. One of the blogs I read is Insane in the Mom Brain by a cool chick named Patti Ford. Patti is the kind of writer who makes you spit coffee all over your desk and pee your pants. (Patti, if you’re reading this, you owe me Windex and Poise pads.)

Anyway, Patti met a kid named Reilly and when I read about him, I realized I am a total douchebag for whining about dishes in my sink. I’ll let Patti tell you about Reilly. Go HERE. I’ll wait.



Reilly’s amazing, yo. I want to be like Reilly, but more importantly, I want Reilly to keep smiling. Please follow the links below. Tweet to Selena Gomez. Do what you can. And let’s all stop being douchebags about dishes in our sinks and work piling up and life, shall we? There’s REILLY, y’all. He’s the standard.


Patti’s info on how you can help:

-To keep Reilly’s spirits up you can send cards or gifts (he likes anything to do with BMX baseball -TX Rangers, skateboarding apparel, flat billed hats, blankets, movies, anything involving Selena Gomez, things that light up, anything Science related, anything to do with pranks and jokes) to him at this address:

Insane In The Mom-Brain
6140 HWY 6, #122
Missouri City, TX  77459

-If you have Twitter you can tweet to @selenagomez and include #smileyreilly and the link to this post: http://wp.me/p3q4Ra-iu

-If you have a Facebook or Google+ page you can share the link to this post and ask people to participate and share it too.

-You can write to TV shows such as Ellen (http://www.ellentv.com/be-on-the-show/10/), Kelly and Michael (http://livekellyandmichael.dadt.com/inbox/ask/), or any other shows or publications, websites, etc… that you think might be willing to help. You can also write to News and Radio stations in the Dallas/Fort Worth area and include the link to this post:

ANYTHING else you can think of doing…DO IT!!!

Let’s bombard everyone with this request and see if we can get Reilly some Selena love!

Hey, nothing is impossible. Reilly definitely proves that.