They say nothing becomes dynamic unless it become specific, so I’m going to share my resolutions with you, dear reader, in order to enlist your help in keeping me on track. (And by “on track,” I mean TELL ME WHEN I’M OFF THE DAMN TRACK, Y’ALL!)

  1. Get healthy. Normally, one would say “get healthier,” which would actually work in this instance because I am not suffering from any major malady or debilitating injury. However, my bar is really low as far as health is concerned. (Ha! I said “bar”…SNORT!) Here’s the ugly truth: I’m fatter than I’ve ever been. I gasp when I walk up the stairs in my own house. I make exceedingly unladylike noises when I rise from a low position. I recently lay down in the floor to talk to my grandson and it took the ottoman, a grunt, and three cuss words to help me rise. It’s gotten bad, y’all. SO, here I am on the cusp of a new year saying, yet again, I am going to get healthy. I am going to do something cardio-related every day. I’m going to put yoga back into my daily routine. I’m going to be more careful about nutrition. I’m going to drink less wine. (Don’t make that face. I AM.)
  2. Read more. Don’t get me wrong. I read more than most people I know. The thing is, though, I do so sporadically. I read while the TV is on and I read into the wee hours of the morning, which totally screws up the next day. Reading more, I believe, will help me watch less television, which is HUGE. I plan to add a new author every month to my routine. (Feel free to leave book recommendations in the comments!)
  3. Watch less mindless TV. I don’t plan to give up Mad Men or Downton Abbey. However, I spend a large part of my morning with the TV tuned to a morning show. There is usually a sports program on in our house at any given moment. It’s like having this extra person in the room; a loud, insistent, unnecessary person. Also, horrific news stories have the power to trigger depression and I don’t need that in my life.
  4. Clean up my language. I have a filthy mouth. Most of you already know that and most of you don’t mind it too terribly. But, you see, I have a new grandson. He doesn’t know I cuss like a sailor. For his sake, I have got to clean it up. Should my grandson’s first word be, “motherf*{+er,” I would prefer that my entire family not give me “the look” and blame such vulgarity on me. Therefore, I must begin now.  *SIGH* Damn it. (I’m placing gossip in to this category, too, by the way.)
  5. Better meal planning for my family. This means that I will choose more healthy, non-GMO foods. I will control portion sizes. I will utilize strategic planning of the grocery list in order to spend less.
  6. Spend less. I began this habit last year and it’s just about the only thing I stuck to in 2014. Spending less is far easier than I thought and it afforded us a wonderful 25th wedding anniversary trip last Fall. It’s amazing what pops out at you when you take a red pen to your bank statement. Wowzers.
  7. Travel more. No more “maybe later” on travel plans. I’ve become quite the researcher when it comes to travel deals, so there’s no excuse to miss an adventure.
  8. Write more. This one is last on my list, but certainly not least. (In fact, nothing on this list is in a particular order.) I have so many things written that I’m not brave enough to share here. I’m going to work on that.

I hope this post finds you in a good place; physically, emotionally, and spiritually. May peace be with all of us. Let’s make 2015 great!