1. I love my team far too much to worry about yours and I hope you feel the same way.

2. If you care more about trashing MY team than talking about YOUR team, you’re not a true fan and I’m probably going to hide you until the Superbowl.

3. Rule #2 goes for Cowboys Fans, too. If you’re talking more about another team than you are talking about the Cowboys, cut it out, because that’s weak.

4. Football is a game with astronomically outrageous salaries, obscene advertising budgets, and ridiculously rabid fans. I still love it.

5. When the Cowboys (or Tidehaven Tigers or Texas Longhorns or Houston Cougars) win, my posts will contain all-caps and a plethora of exclamation points. On occasion, I might even SQUEEEEE.

6. On bad game days, I will threaten to give up football in order to acquire a more benign hobby, such as knitting or sodoku. I will also wish various physical malady and illness upon Jerry Jones, the coaches, the players, and the referees.

7. My level of Facebook emotion is directly proportional to amount of wine consumed during said game. (See rules #5 and #6.)

8. When the time comes, I promise to LIKE your passionate posts about quilting, deer season, bird watching, or whatever butters your pop tart.

9. These rules are subject to revision as the season progresses.

10. ‘Merica

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