‘Tis the time of year for War On Christmas claims from some of y’all.
Here’s the thing:

1. Concentration camps; religious genocide; ethnic cleansing; bombing of temples/mosques/churches, etc. = WAR.

2. A hard-working cashier greeting you with an inclusive “Happy Holidays” while you engage in American consumerism isn’t a war, for cryin’ out loud. It’s fellow human kindness. Smile and respond with the greeting of your choice. Peace on Earth and all that, ya know.

3. President Trump actually read a beautifully-written Christmas address without indulging in his usual narcissism, but every video seems to be marred by captions of “ending the war on Christmas” or “finally, a President who…” nonsense. No one is “bringing back” or “restoring” Christmas. It was here with every POTUS since 1776. (Please don’t take my word for that. Google it.)

4. Don’t get me started on those blasted Starbucks cups. It’s a CUP. See #1.

5. Honoring our fellow humans who worship differently than you (or those who don’t worship at all) shouldn’t detract from your faith. Love one another and broaden your horizons, hon. I mean, have you even tasted Hanukkah or Kwanzaa food? It’s pretty boss.

6. Christ came to Earth for all of us, even…shhh…Republicans & Democrats.

7. Stop dogging the White House decor already. I’ve got an inflatable Santa in my front yard who refuses to stand upright no matter what I do, but the only people judging me are the folks driving down TX-71. The FLOTUS has got enough pressure and her decor is unique and avant-garde. Be kind.

9. Even the Grinch knows that Christmas spirit is in your heart. Be like the Grinch.

10. Merry Christmas. I mean that.